It’s great to drive a 4x4. It’s the feeling of safety, the superior view of the road, and of course it’s lots of other practical sensible reasons. But there’s that spirit of adventure! Once behind the wheel you’re a pioneer, you’re on safari, driving over mountain passes, through jungles, fording streams, you can cross the toughest terrain, and explore where others cannot go...

Strangely, most 4x4’s never venture off the tarmac! Stranger still, many 4x4 drivers would “just like to see what the vehicle can do”, but haven’t got round to it yet. This is probably quite wise, as driving off-road requires skills that you did not need for your driving test. Getting your 4x4 stuck in a muddy gateway, or worse, ending up in a ditch, can be very embarrassing!

At Overland Pursuits, we have specifically designed our Stage 1 training courses to cater for the 4x4 driver who would like to have the confidence to drive off road should the need arise. This means it is challenging, but can be driven by even the smartest of vehicles without fear of damage.

Whether you are just starting out on your off-roading “career”, have some experience but would like to learn more, or if you are just looking for a fun day out, we can provide the programme that you need.

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